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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fetwear has made it to telelvision!

Paul and Tracie give a tour of Fetwear, a small adult boutique catering to the fetish world.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Owner of Fetwear donates hair to cancer society

Paul Cave, owner of Fetwear will be shaving his head! As part of a fund raiser for people suffering from cancer, Paul, who has had long hair for over 12 years, will be cutting it all off and donating his wonderful locks to Eva & Co. Wigs, who make wigs with donated hair, to give to the cancer society. If you would like to participate in the same fashion, please contact paul@fetwear.com or call us at 604.526.9327. To make a donation, please attend the event or send your money directly to The Cancer Society. The event will take place at 10pm November 19th, at the Wise Hall during the Rascals SM party (1882 Adanac St. Vancouver). Doors open at 8pm. Find our complete newsletter at http://www.fetwear.com/index2.html

For Immediate Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 05 2005 CONTACT: Tracie Lacroix at 604-526-9327 LOCAL BUSINESS FEATURED ON TOP WEBSITE FOR SMALL BUSINESS COQUITLAM, BC -- Tracie Lacroix of Fetwear has been selected as a featured Biz Profile on Business Owners Idea Cafe, a top-rated small business website, for her outstanding business story. Idea Cafe Biz Profile submissions are judged on the quality of the owner's personal business insights, advice and tips for others starting a business, and unique business tales. Only a small percentage of submissions get published on the site. Lacroix started Fetwear, a full-line adult shop, with her husband in 2003. They saw a need for such a business in their area and wanted to offer the community a selection of sexy wares in a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Their retail venture has paid off as their customer base continues to grow. They are hoping to expand into a larger space and to add new product lines. Lacroix's Profile reveals what has worked and what hasn't in a friendly, animated voice. Francie Ward, CEO of Business Owners Idea Cafe, says Lacroix was selected because her story "embodies the essence of independence, hard work and a positive attitude. Her story will inspire and encourage others who come to the site seeking advice on starting and running a business." Idea Cafe offers a wide variety of Biz Profiles in several categories. Fetwear is the most recent spotlight in the Retail category. Business Owners Idea Cafe has been using its "Fun Approach to Serious Business" (sm) and popular CyberSchmooz community forum since 1995 to help small businesses get informed, network, and thrive. You can view Fetwear's Biz Profile at http://www.businessownersideacafe.com or you can visit their website at http://www.fetwear.com. -end-

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Truth about Latex

Have you ever wanted to experience latex... or maybe you are wondering what all the fuss is about. In my experience, you just have to try it. Many people think you will sweat buckets, and never give it a second thought. I am here to encourage you to give it that second thought. Yes, because latex does not breath you will sweat, BUT you don't typically notice you are sweaty until you take off the garment. What you will notice is how it brings shape to your body, hugs all the right curves and holds everything up & in. Here are some facts you should know: Latex fashions should be treated with the same care you would give your best suit, silk shirt or fine evening dress. Although latex is less subject to damage than silk, proper care will keep your latex looking its best for years to come. Make sure to buy the correct fit, as one size does not fit all. If you purchase a garment that is too small, not only will you be uncomfortable, your garment will break down much sooner from undue stress. When dressing, use talc on your body as well as inside the garment as this will help you into your garment without pulling on your body hair or sticking to your skin. If you prefer, you may use a silicone lubricant. Never leave garments unwashed for extended periods as body oils will break down your latex over time. Wash with mild soap (Original Ivory liquid is a good choice), dry inside & out, then dust with talc, which prevents your garment from sticking to itself, then hang or roll for storage. Avoid contact with sharp edges, jewelry, long nails etc. Also be careful not to come into contact with inks or coins, as light colored latex will stain. To shine your garment you have a couple of choices. Black Beauty latex polish which leaves a smooth dry finish, or silicone lubricant, which will create a more vibrant sheen but it does leave a slippery surface. Do not use products meant for tires, as many contain oils, which will break down your latex. For more in depth information about latex care, the book “Leather and Latex Care” by Kelly J. Thibault is available for purchase.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Afternoon kinksters, If you've ever wanted to try out the violet wand, now is your chance. Fetwear has been asked to do a violet wand demo at this month's Rascals party, which is Saturday July 23rd. (Check out the link for the address and directions). We will be set up from 8pm - 10pm, but the demo won't take that long, which leaves time for anyone who's interested to experience the sensations of the wand first hand. If you are already receiving our newsletter, (if not you may subscribe here), you will be expecting to see me, violet wand in hand, with the lovely Annie as my eager stunt bottom. Unfortunately, I have injured my knee and will not be performing the demo :-( Not to worry, I have asked our good friend Derrill to perform the demo, and he has so graciously accepted. I have to admit, I was rather scared to be the one holding the wand. Hope to see you all out tomorrow night! #### http://www.fetwear.com/index2.html

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Well, here we are. For those of you who are already familiar with Fetwear - thank you! If it were not for your enthusiastic support, Fetwear would not be here, and here we are. Fetwear is nearing the 2 year mark, and for a new business we are extremely pleased to be growing stong. Those of you who are just learning about us, please take some time to visit our website http://www.fetwear.com/contact.html, or stop by the store in Coquitlam BC Canada, and see first hand what I am talking about. Expect to find a wide array of sexy lingerie, stiletto shoes and boots, stockings, fetish attire including leather, PVC, latex & rubber, corsetry that is made for waist training and a unique variety of bdsm toys and gear. Many people tell me "i feel like a kid in a candy store", the first time they come in. We love to help, so please do not be afraid to ask, because if there was ever a place, especially regarding lifestyle issues, this is it. And rest assured that if we do not know the answer we will do our best to send you in the right direction. Do check back as I will be posting regularily, hopefully with some news of interest to you. If you have a question or comment, please share it and I will reply. ##### http://www.fetwear.com/index2.html